Echo IT takes real-world problems and provides solutions that any business owner can understand. We specialize in reducing frustration by implementing dependable business IT solutions that are sure to reduce cost over time by eliminating expensive mistakes and future-proofing your IT Infrastructure.

All Echo IT personnel have worked in large urban environments, for large entities. We bring these “Big City” skills and experience and apply them to area businesses, synthesizing them with our understanding of the local environment we’ve gained over the last 6 years of being in Southwestern Colorado.

Small Business to Enterprise

Cloud Hosted Email

Email is at the center of your business. It is a service that helps you manage your business, make deals, and communicate with others. Yet, sometimes standard hosting isn’t enough, in which case Echo IT can help with a custom self hosted or cloud hosted email solution for your business.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a modernized phone connection method that employs computer networks to transport voice. A VoIP Line is a digital phone line that utilizes the internet to send voice to the public phone network. VoIP phone systems provide all the features of analog phone systems, plus many more, without the high monthly fees of analog business lines offered by traditional phone companies.

Echo has over a dozen years of experience bringing fully featured, economical, on-site and cloud hosted business phone system solutions to clients of all sizes.
From single-member law offices to entire school districts, Echo supports a wide variety of businesses and governments. Along with economical phone system hardware, we offer both on-site phone server and cloud-based options, as well as “burstable” phone service to ensure clients only pay for the service they need, At Connect with Echo, we specialize in finding solutions to business needs that are both reliable and economical.

Server Virtualization

Let’s face it, hardware presents large costs that may not be necessary for some businesses. Server virtualization is an amazing compromise that provides businesses with the benefits of having a server at the fraction of the upfront cost.

Workstation Support

Nothing runs flawlessly without hiccups on the occasion. Echo IT specializes in aiding your business with any desktop level problems or system issues that need to be fixed to help everything run smoothly.

Managed IT Services

At Echo IT, we understand that keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention and the availability of a highly skilled staff. Our managed IT services help relieve you from necessary, time-consuming IT tasks like patching, monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure, so you can focus on your business.

Optimized Internet Connectivity

Although your internet may be working, it may not be working at its full potential. Echo IT specializes in optimizing your internet service to keep it running at its peak performance, and to help alleviate the burden that poor internet can have on your business.

Security Auditing/Regulatory Compliance

You wouldn’t leave your house unlocked for strangers to wander in, so why leave your IT infrastructure vulnerable and open to threats? Echo provides large companies with security and regulatory compliance auditing to help identify security vulnerabilities and assess real business risk to keep your business PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, ISO 27002 compliant.

Enterprise WiFi

The difference that enhanced enterprise WiFi solutions can be substantial for daily business operations. Echo IT will help determine the best IT infrastructure to reduce the burden that poor technology can have on your business.